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Strategic Default Homeowners Face Debt Collectors

The term “Strategic Default” refers to homeowners who were underwater on their mortgage and skipped out on their mortgage debt even though they had the ability to pay.  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have stepped up their efforts to collect unpaid mortgage debt from these homeowners.  Some states do not allow deficiency judgments but Florida is one […]

Homeowner’s Insurance – What’s Covered and What’s Not??!!

Homeowners insurance is a “must have” for homeowners and can be a huge help but many homeowners don’t know what is covered and what is not.  Policies will vary but it is important to know what the standard homeowners insurance policy covers.  This can vary based on location as well.  Bottom line:  contact a local insurance […]

All Cash Home Sales in Florida

Investor groups, international buyers, landlords and those in the market for vacation homes are the main reasons for the “astounding” number of cash homes sales in Florida last month….66%!  Another reason is that mortgages are much more difficult to obtain due to tighter mortgage requirements since the recession.  Many sellers are holding out for cash […]

What Do Higher Interest Rates Mean for the Housing Market??

As interest rates have risen, both realtors and consumers wait to see what type of effect this will have on the real estate market.  While it does not seem to have slowed the economy, it will have an impact on loans.   The number of homeowners refinancing will inevitably decrease creating a need for banks to […]

2013 Hurricane Season

With the start of Hurricane Season, it is important for Floridians to be prepared.  This means more than just water and extra batteries.  University of Florida storm-preparation expert Mike Spranger worked with colleagues to create a 140 page handbook to help Floridians prepare – from the common sense items to the more detailed storm preparation.  […]

IRA Money Can Be Used to Fund an Investment Home

 Few people know that they can use tax-sheltered money in an individual retirement account (IRA) to buy an investment home now with the purpose of retiring to it later.  There are restrictions and it can be complicated so contacting a tax attorney or accounting professional is recommended.   Click Here to read more or Contact Me if I can […]

Consumer Confidence in Florida Continues to Rise

Expected to drop in April following federal budget cuts and the expiraiton of the payroll tax, economists were surprised to see an increase in the consumer confidence score to 79.  Many components determine the consumer confidence score and different age groups saw increases and decreases, but overall Floridians feel like they are in better financial […]

US Economy is Beating Expectations….

With solid job growth, increased retail sales and manufacturing output and a booming housing market, the US economy is finally showing signs of a steady recovery.  Many different factors influence the economy and there are still risks, but the future looks bright!  Click here to read more or contact me with any questions you have […]

Home Ownership Still Provides Many Tax Breaks

As April 15 quickly approaches, tax breaks related to home ownership are still one of the best ways for a family to get more than just the standard deductions.  Whether you are a first-time home buyer, recently refinanced your home or are a seller, there are many deductions available.  From mortgage interest to qualifying renovations, click here […]